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College and career readiness at the elementary school level is a critical function to ensure all students graduate with the competencies, habits and skills necessary for success in post secondary education. In fact, a growing body of research empirically supports the idea that important career-related decisions are being made during the elementary school years.  Working in the elementary school setting, teachers are focused on teaching students those basic skills that build a solid foundation for the rest of their educational career.  The world around us continues to change, and teachers need to help students and parents prepare for life beyond the structures of school.  What are educators at the primary level doing to help students become college and career ready?  Here at SJE we promote a college bound mentality where all students aim for higher education that includes four-year colleges, community colleges, military, trade schools, and apprenticeships.  All classes have chosen a college to promote.  Classrooms proudly display banners with the college or university as well as their mascot.  In addition, classes have also chosen careers to promote.  The focus is to introduce and expose students to college and career option after high school!  Every  Wednesday is College Day.  Students are encouraged to wear their college colors.  The entire staff wears their college shirts and gear to promote higher education.  GO TIGERS!
Please open the attachment to see which college each teacher has adopted.