Parents Members of School Committees

We have four parent and school committees at San Jacinto Elementary.
1. Partnering with parents helps build a connection between our families and the school community.  This is an informal committee that meetings four times per year for parents to share ways that the school can improve and for the school to keep our families informed of school activities, curriculum and other items.
2.  ATSI - Additional Targeted Support and Improvement is dedicated to finding ways to support our students that have been identified on the School Dashboard.  The group this year is dedicated to supporting our African American students with attendance and behavior.  Anyone can join this committee and the committee meets four times per year.
3.  ELAC - English Learner Advisory Committee is a committee dedicated to helping our second language learners to succeed.  Our parents of students who are learning English as a second language make up this committee. Members of this committee are self nominated and voted on by the parents of our second language learners.   As a member, you will assist us in identifying areas that may need support at home and in school as well as offer suggestions on ways we can improve the educational experience for this group of students.  These suggestions are shared with the School Site Council. There are 4 meetings scheduled each year. 
4.  SSC - School Site Council is a committee dedicated to enhancing the learning of our Title 1 students, helps create our Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) and monitors/evaluates our progress on implementing the SPSA..  This committee is made up of 5 parents, 3 teachers, 1 support staff member and the principal.  Members are self nominated and voted into service by our school community.  This committee meetings monthly and each member is required to attend all meetings.  When a member is absent it delays the decision making process.